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Adding last post's subject to index

Description: This article describes how to add the last post's subject to the index page of your board.

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phpBB already includes a template variable to display the last post's subject on the index page, but it's not currently used. If a subject is greater than 10 or 15 characters, the subject could span 2 or more lines. This article will explain how to not only add the subject to index page, but shorten it if it is more than 10 characters long.

First, open /includes/functions_display.php and find:

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'LAST_POST_SUBJECT'      => censor_text($last_post_subject),

Replace that line with:

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'LAST_POST_SUBJECT'      => (utf8_strlen(censor_text($last_post_subject)) > 10) ? utf8_substr(censor_text($last_post_subject), 0, 10) . '...' : censor_text($last_post_subject),

Open /styles/prosilver/template/forumlist_body.html and find (note the code below is part of a larger line):

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On the same line right before the text above, add:

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{forumrow.LAST_POST_SUBJECT}<br />

The whole line should look like this:

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<!-- IF forumrow.LAST_POST_TIME -->{forumrow.LAST_POST_SUBJECT}<br /><dfn>{L_LAST_POST}</dfn> {L_POST_BY_AUTHOR} {forumrow.LAST_POSTER_FULL}

Now, open /styles/subsilver2/template/forumlist_body.html and find

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<p class="topicdetails"><!-- IF forumrow.U_UNAPPROVED_TOPICS --><a href="{forumrow.U_UNAPPROVED_TOPICS}">{UNAPPROVED_IMG}</a>&nbsp;<!-- ENDIF -->{forumrow.LAST_POST_TIME}</p>
On a new line before that line add

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<p class="topicdetails">{forumrow.LAST_POST_SUBJECT}</p>

Now save all files and purge your cache. Your index page should now look like this:



For those looking for more features, such as ACP controls, there are MODs, such as:
Latest Topic Title
NV advanced last topic titles
th23 Last Post Subject
There may be others in the Modification database.

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