When using our branding, please adhere to the strict spacing guidelines. We use the overall height of the logo as our spacing unit. At a minimum, two-thirds of logo's rendered height should be used for spacing.

How to use our logos

Here are some example of good usage. When in doubt, please ask.


The approved colors for our branding are listed here for easy reference. The Cosmos color is a dark variation to be used when the Cosmic color is allowed but there is not enough contrast between the the background and the logo.


Our branding consists of two fonts. The primary used for the logo type, and the secondary font that is used for the tagline.

Primary CoconOT

Secondary Helvetica Neue Lt Std (Medium 65)


These are the approved phpBB logos and sizes. Please do not edit, change, distort, recolor, or reconfigure the logo without checking with us first. The minimum size is 24px with all scaling made in multiples of 12px. Please also note the different versions for various scale points.