Latest branch of phpBB 3.2.x (Rhea)
Branches in 'Maintenance' 3.2.x (Rhea)
Development branch 3.3.x (Proteus)

phpBB releases are time-based meaning we plan to release a new minor (x.y) or major (x) update once every year around November/December. In between minor releases we release maintenance releases (x.y.z) which include bug and, when required, security fixes. On occasion we also release patch level releases (x.y.z-PLn) which fix important issues introduced in a maintenance release.

End of Maintenance

End of Maintenance EOM occurs to a branch 18 months after its first stable (3.x.0) release. When this occurs we:

  • Recommend you upgrade to the latest stable branch of phpBB.
  • Only patch security issues in new maintenance releases.
  • Updates and submissions of contributions (styles/extensions/etc) for this branch will continue to be accepted into the Customisations Database.

End of Life

End of Life EOL occurs to a branch 24 months after its first stable (3.x.0) release. When this occurs we:

  • Strongly recommend you upgrade your version of phpBB to the latest stable release.
  • No longer patch security issues.
  • No longer make any releases of this branch.
  • No longer accept new or updated contributions (styles/extensions/etc) for this branch in the customisation database.
  • Begin actively purging documentation for this branch of phpBB.
  • Continue to provide support past EOL, with at least six months notice prior to dropping support.

Planned Release Timetable

Version Release End of Maintenance End of Life
3.2.xOK January 2017 May 2019 November 2019
3.1.xEOL November 2014 June 2017 January 2018
3.0.xEOL December 2007 May 2015 November 2015


If you want to contribute a bug fix and it affects all maintained branches it will go into the next maintenance release of the lowest supported branch. Therefore it will likely go into the next 3.2.x release. ( 3.2.x).

If you want to contribute a new feature it will go into the master development branch ( master).