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ampersand causes install error (already fixed)

in php 6.0.0-dev, the install page errors out with "deprecated: assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in \install\install_install.php on line 1481" (path shortened to phpbb path).

line 1481 reads:
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      $_module = &new acp_modules();

removing the appears to fix the problem.


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Posted by A_O_C on Sep 30th 2008, 16:34


that should be "removing the ampersand appears to fix the problem"

Posted by A_O_C on Sep 30th 2008, 17:11

more errors:

after putting in my administrator details and clicking proceed to next step, i get "Strict Standards: Non-static method utf_normalizer::nfc() should not be called statically in C:\AppServ\www\includes\utf\utf_tools.php on line 1781". lines 1779 - 1782 below:
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   if (!is_array($strings))

commenting out this block of code lets me continue, but then i get a debug error, click "dont send" and then it tells me that the table already exists.

can one of the developers test phpbb3's install system on my configuration? you can download AppServ 2.6.0 (which allows you to install php6.0.0-dev and mysql 5.0.4-dev on your local machine) from this website:

http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile ... e_id=29748

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Action performed by ToonArmy (Former Team Member) on Oct 11th 2008, 14:35

Posted by ToonArmy (Former Team Member) on Oct 11th 2008, 14:35

First issue is already fixed, 2nd issue is related to #34165. Closing.

Posted by nhughes12 on Nov 3rd 2008, 21:33

This work did not make the code functional for me. I have the newest WAMP install with PHP 6. I changed the line in common with the fix listed above and could not get any working functionality. Any idea what else could be the issue?

Posted by ToonArmy (Former Team Member) on Nov 3rd 2008, 21:39

Yeah, PHP6. Use a supported version of PHP.

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