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by kirabug
Sat Oct 14, 2006 7:46 pm
Forum: [2.0.x] MOD Database Releases
Topic: [20/01/07] Admin Userlist
Replies: 2286
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Wow, the 2.0.6 version is sweet! Hope the mods approve it soon so everyone can share in the goodness. One nitpick: when deleting users en masse , both the 2.0.2 and the 2.0.6 versions ask: Are you sure you want to detele the selected user(s)? That should be delete , not detele :) Thanks for this awe...
by kirabug
Fri Dec 23, 2005 6:37 am
Forum: [2.0.x] MOD Database Releases
Topic: [2.0.18] Auto Cookies
Replies: 751
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Okay, so before I make a stupid mistake.... the downloaded 2.0.2 files consist of: auto_cookies.mod install directory (which contains...) cookie.php so do I upload the auto_cookies.mod to my forum root and the install directory containing cookie.php to my root as well? or do i put auto_cookies.mod a...

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