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by sp
Thu Sep 26, 2002 7:19 pm
Forum: [2.0.x] MOD Requests
Topic: Request - Private Forums
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Request - Private Forums

The other day I saw a mod where members can add new forums. The people at my site thought that this feature is too open to abuse. So I was thinking how about the ability to add private forums which the member can select only certain other members can see and get into the forum. What do you think?
by sp
Fri Sep 20, 2002 5:21 pm
Forum: [2.0.x] MOD Requests
Topic: Request - 2 Combined Mods
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Request - 2 Combined Mods

Online/offline and the gender mods already exist. My request is for them to be combined together. Male/female would have different pictures (female with skirt, like bathroom symbols) and online/offline would be green and red respectively. Only picture one would be shown of course. This would cut dow...
by sp
Fri Sep 20, 2002 2:53 am
Forum: [2.0.x] MODs in Development
Topic: [ALPHA] User created forums
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the + mini icon

DJ P@CkMaN, I would like to use the + mini icon for the header that was on your screenshot. Could you post it here? Thanks. SP

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