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by ELITE-Madhouse
Tue Oct 10, 2006 9:57 am
Forum: [2.0.x] MODs in Development
Topic: [BETA] Activity / Arcade Mod 2.1.2
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profile.php not working after installing 2.1.2

profile.php wont working after installing 2.1.2

i cant edit my profile and no one could register on the forum, it seems to be with the constants.php file but havent worked out a fix

help please
by ELITE-Madhouse
Sun Oct 08, 2006 11:33 pm
Forum: [2.0.x] MOD Database Releases
Topic: Simple Subforums
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hey, i've installed this mod, everything is working fine until i found that no one could now register or edit their profile, i've tried replaced the profile.php but that didnt work, please help me
by ELITE-Madhouse
Tue Sep 12, 2006 4:06 am
Forum: [2.0.x] MOD Database Cleanup
Topic: [2.0.10] Moderator CP
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i have installed this mod but i cant access the mod cp, it keeps saying that the modcp/index.php file cant be world writen

any help plz

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