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by zenskd
Mon Jun 16, 2008 10:12 pm
Forum: [3.0.x] Support Forum
Topic: Adding no-follow to certain forums
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Adding no-follow to certain forums

Hello, I need some guidance here on where should I start modding. I'm not really familiar with phpBB3. I want to enable rel="nofollow" just to a certain forum. (not the forum, but what's inside the forum *topic listing*).

So everything inside the forum should have that.
by zenskd
Sun Jun 08, 2008 1:36 am
Forum: [3.0.x] MOD Database Releases
Topic: SEO MOD
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Hello, For some reason when I try to search in the topic it displays unrelated things (showing other topics) =/ so here is my question I'm having a silly problem: the pagination when there is more than one page extension is showing .php when it should be .html, this is driving me a bit crazy since t...

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