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Post by mm2k3 »

how do i get the Avatar control panel on my bb??

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Post by primedomain »

You have to enable avatars in Admin Panel --> General Admin --> Configuration.

You have to create subdirectories inside the /gallery directory (specified in Admin Panel --> General Admin --> Configuration). Upload the avatars to these subdirectories = categories.
gallery path: images/avatars/gallery (e.g.)

uploadable avatars:
Make sure that you have CHMODed the avatar uploading directory (specified in Admin Panel --> General Admin --> Configuration) to 777.
avatar upload path: images/avatars/uploads (e.g.)

path settings:
make sure that the directories actually exist on the server (you might have to create them with your ftp client) and that your path settings are correct (pay attention to slashes):
domain name: or
script path: /forum/

Guide to Avatars

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i can't do it

Post by shannon323 »

i can't get avatars either, this is too confusing!! please help!!
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