Overloading the Server with PHP

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Re: Overloading the Server with PHP

Post by espicom »

25856 admin60 18 0 4928 4924 3792 R 5.4 0.2 0:00 0 /usr/bin/php
25847 admin60 18 0 5488 5484 4220 R 4.6 0.2 0:00 0 /usr/bin/php
This server is configured to overload. Any site that is supposed to handle a heavy load will be configured with PHP running as a module, not a stand-alone program (also known as "CGI"). Running with PHP as a CGI guarantees at least 50% additional overhead for every access (as in each page viewed) over running as a module. Not to mention that, if your account ID is "admin60", they've configured OUT a number of security features...

You may not want to change hosts right now, but start shopping.
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Re: Overloading the Server with PHP

Post by techies02 »

Thanks for that piece of knowledge. I am "admin60".

I've got to talk with some of the other guys to see what they want to do with the site...if we do switch hosts, do any of you have any recommendations?

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Re: Overloading the Server with PHP

Post by Brf »

This site doesnt recommend particular hosts. Try at webhostingtalk.com


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