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Cannot access forum / topics

Post by ClubCalibra »


I'm running two forums, this morning a server went down and had to be rebuilt (apparently)

A backup was restored however both forums are suffering problems.

One is simply a blank page, I installed phpbb3 earlier with the intention of porting over and it seems to be working fine

The other is visible - can log in etc but when users try and access the forum topics or new posts I get a "general error.Could not obtain topic information" error - with no other information

I spoke the the host and there is on going issues - they installed PHP version 5.2.5 and that seems to be the only difference, is there a issue with PHP version 5.2.5? I've been looking for more info but not having much luck

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Re: Cannot access forum / topics

Post by stevemaury »

Although some say they can run version 2 on php5, it is technically not supported.
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Re: Cannot access forum / topics

Post by Slackervaara »

I have been using PHP5 for phpbb 2.0.17 for a year now without any problems at all. At present I have PHP 5.2.6 without any probs.
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Re: Cannot access forum / topics

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

sounds to me like your host doesn't have all the bugs worked out of their system.

there is no reason for phpbb to have any problems with php5
some of the older MODs will not work with php5 and will cause blank pages in the admin panel.

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