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Re: Mass e.mail

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limco wrote:I tried sending 10 e.mails and guess what ? worked....
Then I tried 150 e.mails................and still got this
So as I guessed, they have a limitation on how many recipients each email can go to, that they haven't told you about!
In that case, phpBB3 WOULD help, as it can break the emails up into smaller packages (e.g. 50 recipients per email).
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Re: Mass e.mail

Post by limco »

Latest reply from my host.........this matter is just getting worse !!!
Can you please give us the access to the script for this mailing
application and we need to have the name of the application.
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I have checked with 3 other phpBB communities who are still using phpBB 2.....
all three communities are having no problems sending mass e.mails- thier mass e.mail set up is the same as it's my host who is at fault !........and they can not admit it-

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