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Hardware/OS Migration

Posted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 11:40 pm
by zuminuk
I have been running a PHPBB forum/portal on a gentoo server for over 4 years.
And the time has come for me me to upgrade the hardware. :?

I have also decided to move away from Gentoo and install Ubuntu.
- Rather than just rushing in and trying to reinvent the wheel can any offer me any advice, or point me to a relivent blog/forum.

Yes... I plan to migrate to phpbb3 once I have the site _successfully_ migrated.

Re: Hardware/OS Migration

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 1:35 am
by ckwalsh
So long as you correctly set up your folder permissions, and use a file and database backup from your original server, the transfer should go fine.

Just so you know, does not and cannot help you with setting up your new server to work with phpBB. I'll leave this topic open if you need any help with the transfer itself, but if the conversation turns to server configuration, don't be surprised when it is locked.

Re: Hardware/OS Migration

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 2:21 am
by espicom
Moving from Gentoo to Ubuntu isn't really changing operating systems, just packaging systems. Both are Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Just make sure that you migrate your configuration files for Apache, MySQL, and PHP for the site to the "new" server, and things should continue to act the same. Just remember that Ubuntu is going to try to make more of the decisions for you during the install than Gentoo did.