Strange email problem with MASS EMAIL

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Strange email problem with MASS EMAIL

Post by yeldar »

Hi all,

I have noticed that I can send mass emails to my VIP members (around 30) and also to my admin & mods (around 9) via the control panel, but when I try sending a mass email to all my users (2,600) I get this message:

Couldn't get mail server response codes


Line : 34
File : /home/virtual/site3/fst/var/www/html/includes/smtp.php

My email notifier is working fine and sending out emails to notify members of postings, so can anyone please direct me to how this problem is rectified please!

Is it because the server cannot cope with the 2,600 emails but is fine sending just 30. If so, is there any fix in php to allow me to send mass email to all my members?
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Post by blueadmin »

It looks like you can't handle the 2,600 users. Try this mod, it should help
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