Fatal error: Allowed memory size...

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Fatal error: Allowed memory size...

Post by oangia »

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 184320 bytes) in /home/masteruser/html/forums/includes/template.php(127) : eval()'d code on line 139

anyone have any idea what this is? sometime users see this error ... while surfing on my board .. even I got the message... 'm using phpbb 2.0.6

and here is code from Lines 131-145

Code: Select all

	 * Inserts the uncompiled code for $handle as the
	 * value of $varname in the root-level. This can be used
	 * to effectively include a template in the middle of another
	 * template.
	 * Note that all desired assignments to the variables in $handle should be done
	 * BEFORE calling this function.
	function assign_var_from_handle($varname, $handle)
		if (!$this->loadfile($handle))
			die("Template->assign_var_from_handle(): Couldn't load template file for handle $handle");
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Post by SnowManrcd »

just a guess but do you have a limit on how large of a database your aloud to use thats what i'd guess better wait on somone elces opinion as well though cus I'm not positive on that.
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Post by LifelessTrel »

Your limited on the amount of ram you can use for a PHP script by a memory limit set by your host.

Get them to raise the limit, edit the script, or get a new host.

Not a phpBB problem. :D
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