How do i install with Geocities?

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How do i install with Geocities?

Post by silentarrow22 »

im lost...the only think i know how to do is unzip the folder with all the files that i downloaded....

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Post by ionsurge »

I'm not too sure if Geocities provide databases, and allows serverside scripting.

After you've unzipped, use the Geocities File Upload Manager to upload each and every file and directory on to the web space. Then follow the instructions that come in the zipped file to install phpBB - however chances are that you will not be able to install phpBB with Geocities, and you'll have to look else where for hosting.

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Post by D4ni31 »

Yup, Geocities does not support php and they don't provide a database for you. You need another host.

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Post by Wert »

Yep, Please read the requirements and find a host that fits them.

Geocities does not.
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