A unique table for every forum in the board.

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A unique table for every forum in the board.

Post by jaeger_m »


Wouldn't the board be much faster if every forum had it's own table for posts and posts_text?

Just an idea, because my board (phpBB2 beta1) ist getting pretty slow (about
13.69 MB Database size). The mysqld is using my whole cpu-power of a PIII 700!

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Post by CrimsonBane »

to an extent although there are a fair number of other things that could be done to the board to make it much faster. If the records sets are being cached though there should be no problem.

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Post by Kraven »

Do u activate zip functions ?

Because is very fast for me :

test on :

Apache server 450 mhz 512 ram HDscsi (no-raid)
and local PC : Athlon 1 ghz, 256 sdram 133, HD 7200 rd/s ide

MySQL db

Oups, don't see 13.69 MB size for database !
Ouch, this is stresstest that ! :o
Could be better to wait for final version to use the phpBB2


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