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Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 9:45 pm
by warmweer
The problem is clearly a Lycos Tripod problem. Either you've used up your storage allowance (not logical since I've also got the same problem on 1 board db= 4.8 MB which is below the so-called limit of 5 MB which I doubt is true -I haven't seen that figure in any agreement) or there's a problem with Tripod configuration or one of their disks (another board of mine functions normally). BTW my testing board runs fine.

I've just tested with phpMyAdmin and I can't even run queries which make use of temporary files - so I 'm fairly sure is a temporary problem and we just have to wait until it's solved (and this could happen with any host - paid or free).

Just a question about the above mentioned host. I mentions clearly in the conditions that teh database service offered cannot be used for phpbb or other forumsoftware boards??? If this is strictly applied some people are gonna lose their boards very soon :twisted: