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Post by PointlessEntertainment »


I need some help - I have been following all of the instructions on on this site as to how to create usergroups, etc. It has taken me ages to realise that the problem I have is this... :oops:

When I am logged in and click on Usergroups it is fine - then when I select my usergroup and click "View Information" it automatically logs me out.

I considered the fact that it was something to do with my Internet Settings but three other people have confirmed that this page does not work.

My forum it at

Please help!

Daniel Law
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Post by Drexion »

Try the following cookie settings in Admin Panel -> Configuration.
Cookie Domain:
Cookie Name: pointlessent
Cookie Path: /

Note: delete all cookies off hard disk before trying new settings.
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Post by CTCNetwork »

Just a note....

Your site does want to set an awful lot of cookies . . And added to them there are your "advert" cookies too . . .

What is the time for your session length?? This may have a bearing on this too...

Roll on built-in cookie blockers and ad blocking... :!:
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