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Merlin Sythove
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Remote avatar resize

Post by Merlin Sythove »


I've installed a remote avatar resize hack, but it seems incomplete.

What I'm looking for is: where to alter the remote avatar's URL variable, that is used to create
<img src=" ...... " alt="....
so that it will include
<img src=" ... " width="x" height="y" alt="....
but I have no idea in which file the variable is defined that actually does this. Or, when I find it, if the same variable is not used elsewhere expecting it to be only a url.

The hack works, the database is adjusted, but it resizes the avatar on the viewtopic page only, I want to resize it all over, including viewprofile, editprofile, maybe others too. Copying the resizing code block is not really an option since it contains variables that may be undefined elsewhere. I would like to move the resize code upwards in the cascade of included files somewhere.
So any tips are welcome!



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