How to import custom smilies?

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How to import custom smilies?

Post by AntiAmi »

Not really sure how to do this...I want to add some new smilies to my forum, and I did as the instructions said, I got the "smilies.pak", and added the .pak and all the smilies I wanted into one .zip file...Now what? What do I need to do now to get those new smilies on my forum?
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Post by Flaming_cows »

Upload all the smilies and the pak file (not zipped) into your images/smilies/ folder and use the ACP from there.
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Post by MHobbit »

Also, a problem i encountered was that after uploading all the *.pak files, I forgot stupidly to upload the GIF's themself... then, I had to edit all the smilies to make sure they found their counterpart image...

I created my own smilies on my forums. My band's logo, and some really good smilies...

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