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[README BEFORE POSTING] (updated - November 13th, 2005)

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You are probably looking for support on using phpBB. you have come to the right place. but to make this place a nice place and to make both your experience and the experience of the support team a bit better, please always keep the following things in mind:

a) Before you ask a question or post a problem, please make a Search and read The Knowledge Base, The Users Guide, The Install Guide and The FAQ. Aside from that, some frequently reported problems are handled here. Chances are your question or problem has been handled before.

b) The members of the support team all help you on a voluntary basis, and phpBB is free. What this basically means is that you can not demand anything from anyone. The support-team is dedicated to helping every single user of phpBB that has a problem, but it might take a while before you have the answer you are looking for. Sorry for that, but that's just the way it is.
To resolve your problem quickly: Be patient (wait 6h minimum before bumping), don't double post (one topic is enough, we read it), make your Subject/Post clear (=more effective answer), and especially don't YELL to those who help you (calmly, it's better). Do not post general questions like 'How do I install phpBB?' Instead, try it yourself first, and when you run into specific problems, check the resources in point a). If you still have not found your answer/solution, start a new thread with a clear and descriptive subject. Threads containing questions that are too general in nature will be locked.

c) If you are using phpBB 1.x, you might want to know that that version is not officially supported anymore. Responses to support requests for any version previous to 2.0.0 (including the Release Candidates) will probably contain a strong recommendation to upgrade to 2.0.0 or even more recent versions. However, if there is a really valid reason why you can't upgrade, we will try to somehow help you if at all possible.

d) The support forum is meant for phpBB related support questions. Questions regarding php, mySQL, apache, ODBC, and any other non-phpBB stuff should either be posted on another forum or in a newsgroup. We do not support these things though. phpBB MODs questions/problems must be posted into MOD Release Announcements & Support if it's about MODs present in this forum. Otherwise contact the MOD Author via his/her website or via some other means. MODs and full installations downloaded from sites other than phpBB.com are not supported here. Contact the site where you downloaded it for support.

e) Please do not contact support team members or other members of the phpBB team by sending them Private Messages, contacting them through Instant Messaging software (icq, msn, yim etc) or email. We offer support on this forum, and occasionally through #phpbb on irc.freenode.net (please read the irc rules) ... Please do not try to contact us using other ways.

f) If you get someone else to install your board for you, we cannot provide support for you. As much as we would like to help you, we simply cannot due to recent events. Please go to the person/host who installed it for you.

g) When requesting support, use the Support Request Template provided. This will speed up support a lot, since it enables us a quick overview of all the necessary information, which means you will get a quicker answer. Failure to use the template will at first result in a request to use the template, further failure will result in the locking of the topic.

h) Please do not use ALL CAPS when requesting support. This goes for topic titles and message bodies. If noticed a quick warning will be sent out. Typing in ALL CAPS does not mean faster support.

i) The Support Team's stance on Incident Response can be found here If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about it, please ask in phpBB Discussion.

Though the above points are not rules but strict guidelines, we'd like to point out that users who apply the above points will get priority over users not applying the above points.


Stefan Koopmanschap (wanrecords)
Support Team

Support Team Leader

-added point f)- (last modification on 27-feb-2003)
-added link in point a)- (last modification on 01-apr-2004)
-added point i)- (last modification on 20-June-2004)
-edited point d)- (last modification on 7-April-2005)
-edited point d)- (last modification on November 13th, 2005)
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Post by ZoliveR »

In agreement with the Support Team and the Support Team Leader, i've updated the Readme so that every person who reads it and respect its contents can have the best support for which he can expect from this forum. Thank you for your understanding and especially for your reading.

No more Team Chocolate Member. I decided to leave, it's my choice. Thanks to all for all these years.
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Post by soxie »

Please take notice to the two recently added points, g and h. Both were added to help the users and the staff, and to make the process of solving a question quicker for both sides. Thanks :)
// brian
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Please take note of point i.

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