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Multiple Moderators

Post by woodley »

I've just installed phpBB and were taking off quite nicely ( forst day we already have 42 users) and I'm considring making a team for moderators. Now, is it possible to have a usergroup where every member is a moderator? Also, if my forum continues to grow, I may have to assign multiple administrators to trusted users. Is this possible?
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Re: Multiple Moderators

Post by warmweer »

Make a new group and assign moderator status to that group for each forum you want.
As for admin status, yes you can make any user an admin (or even a usergroup) BUT remember that an admin has total access and if any conflict arises in the future, you might have a problem. Only give adùmin rights to a very trustworthy person.

Personally I would go for a mod which gives extra rights to a moderator. Examples are Junior Admin Mod and Supermoderator Mod (both which can be found in the MOD Development forum I think). I use an adapted version of ModCP ( which should be useful as a start.
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Post by Erisar »

Yes, it is possible to assign a group of moderators to various forums. For detailed information, take a look at the phpBB User Guide, section 3.3. To assign members administrative privileges, you would need to adjust their user level; take a look once again at the phpBB User Guide, section for more information. :)

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