Multiple Languages on PhpBB

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Multiple Languages on PhpBB

Post by yorktown »

I have a website in several languages.

For each language, I have a menu option for "message board."

Anyone clicking on it will go to the message board index.php page. The default language for that page is English.

How do I set it so that someone who links from the German page gets German as the language, Italian is the language from italian links, etc?

Help much appreciated.
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Post by CTCNetwork »


Essentially, you cant. Whenever a visitor goes to the forum the forums default language will be used.

Only until a member logs in will their personal choice of language be displayed.

I have not seen an easy language switcher about. . .

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Post by BlueRook »

You might try Automatic language detection. Not sure if that will do exactly what you want but it might.

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