Should I unhack or unmod it?

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Should I unhack or unmod it?

Post by andyng »


I am new with my own board for old class mate. Up and running and itching to mod to make changes to help us. I have applied an official mod which is flag. Love it so much. Then I tried looking for a forum notification in here but cannot find it.

I snoop in phphacks and found FORUM NOTIFICATION. Got it to work with some the mod or is it hacks. I notice that 2 files were hack in the subsilver template.

Now the question is that I wish to apply different style sheet from here and I am now worried as I have hack 2 files in the subsilver template. Question would it still work or how do I apply the changes into these new template. Should I unhack it as I still have the original files and knows how to drop the additional tables.

Any advise.
Andy Ng.

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Post by MrSexy »

They use SUBSILVER as a refrence, but basically if a mod calls for editing of a /templates/subsilver/[FILENAME].php, you should do this there as well as on any themes you install. (Just incase you want to go back to Subsilver). If you have EASYMOD, it will try to install the mods on all of the installed templates (it doesnt always work, since templates are varying). You dont need to remove the FLAGS mod, though you may need to manually do the mod to the new themes.
Hope this helps

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