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Post by dropby23 »

yes i also download the visual confirmation guide and make the changes
in it but it does'not confirm the code it says it isn't right
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Post by psychosematic »

the code on the first page of this post fixed my problem!

which was this problem:

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Post by Snitz »

I restored the common.php so I can get in my admincp
does it matter to 2.0.9 ?
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Post by kodiat »

Dear all,
I found another limitation (if I'm not mistaken), is it true that phpBB limit the size of images put between [img] tag? A user tried to post this
[img]http://www.richseas.com/Photo's/Lembeh 09-04/Hairy Squat Lobster.jpg[/img]
Check the original posting here http://forum.kapalselam.org/ftopic45.html
It doesn't work, I browse the file and found out the size is 326439 bytes.
I tried to search through some documentation or discussion forum but I can not find the solution for this. Anyone help me?
Erwin Kodiat
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Post by BlueRook »

Your question really has nothing to do with this topic but picture size has no relation to the problem.

The link is incorrect. You can't have spaces. If the URL has spaces then it needs to be encoded correctly.

Code: Select all

That's how it would need to be done.

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