Using Proxy via phpBB [ does not works ]

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Using Proxy via phpBB [ does not works ]

Post by oangia »

@ Admin Index Panel .. and Posting IP Logged

Is there anyway that can use Proxy [IP] to replacing my real IP @ phpBB board?
I mean I tried to use Proxy also Bypass proxy server for local addresses

I did check w/ which is showing me the Proxy IP currently in use.
Problem is ... when I login to a phpBB board or posting a topic @ that board .. IP that boad logged still my real IP .. and showing @ Admin Indix is my real IP ..

I wonder why ...

please any one have any idea why?
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Post by flogger12 »

If I understand your question, you can't use proxies or redirects or masks, etc. phpbb uses cookies and sessions to keep track of who you are and where it is. the information in the config panel has to be correct for where it is actually installed or it won't work.


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