Missing value for {postrow.ROW_CLASS}

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Missing value for {postrow.ROW_CLASS}

Post by Rob-Rah »

I am not getting any values for {postrow.ROW_CLASS} returned under viewtopic_body.tpl. All the other {postrow.###} values are being returned fine under that template.

The cells are all carrying the background colour of the page background and will not respond to changes to row1, etc. Also, I placed {postrow.ROW_CLASS} into one of the areas in the rows, beside all the "email", "private message" (etc.) stuff to see what value gets parsed and returned on screen - it was simply blank.

Cells on the main forum index page carry the correct colours and respond to changes of td.row1, etc. , but not those on the topics area.

I see that viewtopic.php calls the values from elsewhere, but I don't know php and am confused. Where do these values come from?

Any ideas or suggestions? The forum started out as subSilver, and my stye changes are in the overall_header template (can I chuck the .css file?).


Rob Howe


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Post by pentapenguin »

You may want to look at this article as it has information about the variables.
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