Changing the beahviour of links in messages

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Changing the beahviour of links in messages

Post by [D]J »

Hi, I tried modifying by myself the file includes/bbcode.php to achieve this but with no success so I wonder if anyone can help me to do this little modify...

I need that a link like is opened in the SAME window and only links to other domains (like are opened in a new window. I tried doing something like this in function make_clickable() :

$checkdomain = strpos($ret, "")

and then, before converting the text to a link, an if to check if the text was there. But that doesn't seem to work... any help? Thank you!
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Post by tsjakkaa »

I'm not very familiar with bbcode, but I'll give it a try

you probably would add something to your bbcode.tpl so your url-template is split into the 2 different possibilities

so you'll end up with something like this in bbcode.tpl (second tag has no "target=_blank"-attribute)

Code: Select all

<!-- BEGIN url --><a href="{URL}" target="_blank" class="postlink">{DESCRIPTION}</a><!-- END url -->
<!-- BEGIN url-local --><a href="{URL}"  class="postlink">{DESCRIPTION}</a><!-- END url-local -->
but then you'll still have to change your bbcode.php. when $checkdomain == true , the [url]-tag needs to be changed in a [url-local]-tag

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