blank white screen problem - had it for months now

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blank white screen problem - had it for months now

Post by Jizumonkey »

Hi all, this problem forced me to upgrade from my old ISP given webspace to a private host for my forum but now, after everything, I'm getting the blank white screen problem back with no sign as to what the problem could be.

On my previous site, I think we may have been hacked and almost half the users were locked out seeing nothing more than a plain white screen when we visited the domain. The title was nothing, displayed was nothing with no redirect links or any text whatsoever....COMPLETELY blank! I was one of them, but strangely, when I got my static IP changed, I could access the site normally again, so I thought it must have been hackers.

I moved provider, installed with 2.0.10 and a brand new database, not even backing up all we had lost anfd now, several months later, it's rearing it's ugly head again. It's not strictly time based as to be honest, there was one user who could still not access the new site even after my hosts controlled the domain and hosted, so what on earth could the problem be?

Unlike someone else who mentioned about a blank screen, it's not after posting necessarily, althought it does do that sometimes, it's completely random. It's driving members away and I'm starting to lose it with who to blame for the problems?!?!!! Is it the software or the hosts or even, althought unlikely, everyones internet settings or something?!!! Tho I fail to believe it's 200 peoples settings are all bad.

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