Mass deleting of posts

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Mr. Spontaneous
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Mass deleting of posts

Post by Mr. Spontaneous »

I cannot edit my postgresql.conf file to change the max expr depth from 10000, which makes pruning impossible. As an alternative, I was wondering if there is a script/mod that will list all of the threads in a forum, and let me select the ones I want to delete?
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Post by Graham »

If you want to delete threads, just click the "you can moderate this forum" link at the bottom right and it will let you pick them a page at a time.

Bare in mind that deleting will affect the post counts of those that have posted in the threads (pruning doesn't)
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Post by tristatesportbikes »

When pruning does this function remove the post topic and post text records or just place a flag in them? If so where is it coded? Does the pruning function also remove attachments if the attachments mod is in?

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