bouncing emails, how to find these users

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bouncing emails, how to find these users

Post by frankoamiricano »

I dont know what it is, but a lot of people can not seem to keep a emai address working. On a daily basis I am flooded with the bounce emails from those accounts that the email can not be delivered to.

In some cases, it is new users and the confirm email, which they just entered in the wrong email adress. They do not bother me much as I will only ever be harassed with a bounce from them on that one occasion.

The main pests are the reply notifications. I get the bounce, and I get the email address of that user in the bounce, but the admin has no way to search by email address. Whats the best way to locate the users? Phpmyadmin is just way too much work to get into.

What do I then do to the account, I dont want to delete it, but will blanking out the email address suffice to stop the emails from bouncing to me?
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Post by kfc »

I sure phpbb finds a way to deal with this problem in their next major release. this is a problem that also hurt me. But no one here really cares about it :/

Oh well
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Post by EGL-Anubis »

On the offchance im assuming these emails are hotmail/yahoo and what not...i suggest a couple alterintives.

1: By default..PHPBB has the "BULK" Flag set on the email... (might be just mass email..dunno) check to see if thiers a way to kick that it would trigger some junk mail filters. (That requires editing PHP Code...just a warning)

2: Id check to see if the said users have their email configed in accidently blocking emails....or junking them.
(more than likely the case)

3: If you wana get ruthless about it..outlaw hotmail and yahoo....then you would be forcing them to find email sources or use better ones instead of the junk heap ones. You can do that by going to the Admin Panel...Bann Control...and then just entering the domain name of the email server. And anyone who registeres will be FORCED to use anything BUT that.

As an comment....keep in mind that no one can use their account wihtout that confirmation key...without that key..they cant get in..and use their just delete that account after 24 to 48 hours as a habbit....they are probialy there to spam....who knows. Its a pain in the butt i know....I do concure tho.. 2.2.0 is bound to have a slew of better features that should help that. There could be a MOD out there that could help too...check there.
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