We've been hacked.

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We've been hacked.

Post by Lipstick »

Hey, I'm Lippy, and I'm a member of a forum, that's run by phpbb. I'm completely useless with computers, so I don't have a clue about computer/internet/html jargon.

I just wanna know, what happens when someone hacks into a forum, how they delete the admin, and then delete everything else?

Oh, and the obvious question - how do we get the forum back?

Jon Reid
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Post by Jon Reid »

If someone manages to 'hack into your forum' it's either through incompetent passwording of an admin account or unsafe and easy access to your server etc- phpBB is very secure otherwise and you shouldn't really be worried about that.

The only way to 'get your forum back' after everything has been deleted is to upload your database since your last back up- if you've got a remotely busy site I'd make one of these daily
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Post by bico »

At the moment you are as safe as you can be if you are using phpBB 2.0.11, otherwise not.
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Post by Graham »

General Discussion is not a support forum.

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