Member name shows as "Guest"

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Member name shows as "Guest"

Post by MKB »

I have a newly registered user who's name isn't showing up when he posts, it just reads "Guest." What could that be from? I don't even know how to begin the troubleshooting process. Anyone else have an experience like this?
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Post by megablastadmin »

that may mean that that user's system is not storing the cookies required.

As the server reads him/her as a anonymous user while posting and shows the post author as guest

the best way is disable guest post permission

and ask ur user to change cookie settings to ACCEPT ALL COOKIES in the internet options(Option available only in Internet Explorer 6.0+) so that it keeps him/her logged in till the session times out or he/she presses log out.
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Post by camweh »

Could it be he hasn't logged on and the permissions of that particular forum is set to Public :roll:

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