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Please help me :oops:

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2005 11:48 pm
by abstractstrife
Okay, Im seriously a noob, just leaching off my brothers server :roll: so I dont really know much..Though I got an ftp server hooked up.
Could someone explain how I would go about installing this software?
[ in simple, noob words please :roll: ]

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:01 am
by David Palmer

There's lots of well-written, easy to understand material on the site already, that describes in plain language and in detail how to install phpBB ... jus take your time, it's going to be a lot to learn, but it's really not that difficult.

Another good resource is the set of flash tutorials here:

Good luck,


Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:24 am
by abstractstrife
okay i successfully uploaded the file, but how do I find the url that its at?

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:28 am
by 3d0

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:44 am
by abstractstrife
thats not working 8O
I named the file all the files are in 'forum'
my site is

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:46 am
by 3d0
Oh...well, then.


whatever site your being hosted by, that's what your site adress is.

For example:

Don't use the domain name you have(, it won't work.

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:48 am
by abstractstrife
and if thats not working 8O?

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:50 am
by 3d0
Please read above, I just edited it.

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 12:57 am
by abstractstrife
I have my own domain.. on my brothers server. Its paid for, 8$ american a year.

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 1:07 am
by abstractstrife
nevermind, i just had to change one of the install files to 666, thanks for all your help and support ^_^