A few questions - error messages, debug mode... help!

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A few questions - error messages, debug mode... help!

Post by twostepgirl »

Okay, without being long winded, here's the deal...
I'm a girl... a girl who is not very computer savvy at all. And yet, I ended up as the only administrator for our message board. My friend set it up a few years ago (and updated it to the 2.0 version, I expect, at Xmas). He hosts it on his server, but said he was tired of dealing with the board, and was relinquishing it to me. I have no prior experience and he didn't give me any tutorials, though he knows I'm a hands-on learner...
Now, my boards are down... this is the message I get:

phpBB : Critical Error
Error creating new session
SQL Error : 1114 The table 'phpbb_sessions' is full
INSERT INTO phpbb_sessions (session_id, session_user_id, session_start, session_time, session_ip, session_page, session_logged_in) VALUES ('61aea08c01f4b452ab6c236d13bc345c', 3, 1109723070, 1109723070, '41232c8d', 0, 1)
Line : 158
File : /home/bigeye/public_html/gorgeboard/includes/sessions.php

I have no idea what that means or what to do about it. It never happened for two years and now has happened twice in the last two months... my friend fixed it last time and is no where to be found now.
Also... in terms of general board admin... I know how to do all the stuff on the admin panel (well, almost all), but should I still download the program so that I can do the maintenance for the bugs and stuff? Really it's all quite like Japanese to me, so any suggestions or pushes in the right direction are really appreciated.
Thanks so much,
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Post by 3d0 »

Ok, this is in layway terms:

Basically, the thing that's running your forum is full.

I suggest to do this:

Have your friend remake a database, and have him reinstall a fresh installation of phpbb. If he totally laid it upon you...well...then..start looking at this guide: http://www.phpbb.com/support/guide/

Please note that I'm not saying this is the best course of action. This is if you're forum is beyond help. And so far, that's what it's looking like.

The phpbb guide shall explains all of that crazy code and stuff.

A beginner's guide. :D

Hope that helps.
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Post by Poupoune »

You have empty your table phpbb_sessions from your database, cause it's full.

Take a look here > http://www.phpbb.com/kb/article.php?article_id=42 :wink:
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Post by twostepgirl »

Thank you so much!
To empty my "table" do I need to download phpbb on my computer?
Do I need to be able to access the server to do this, cuz I don't have access...
And why would the boards be beyond help? Like I said this happened less than two months ago and we recovered just fine... but if we could figure out how to prevent it in the future, that would be key...
Thanks again for the insight... I have hopes of becoming more computer savvy...


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