User password doesn't work, after restoring the database

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User password doesn't work, after restoring the database

Post by b15ser »

I'm having a problem, where the users password which is not working after i restored the database. Just a quick fact, the databse used to reside on a different sql server, since i have have a better server i decided to import the database over to the new server. So what i did on the first forum, i did a full backup, and then uploaded the database over to the new forum, via the database restore function. Everything was restored, msg, threads and usernames. However like i mention the user's password did not work, when i was trying to login, so i had to have the forum to re-assign me a new password. Does anyone know what i should do, without have all the user on forum to have there password re-assigned ? any help would be appreciated thanx..
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Post by 3d0 »

This puzzles me. If the whole package was reinstalled, I don't see why it didn't work for the users. Are you sure you made it the same password and username as before? That has worked for me before.
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