Upgrading from 1.1

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Upgrading from 1.1

Post by Puckohue »

Yes I know... I've been away ok? Sorry. :oops:

But where can I find upgrades/patches/instructions on upgrading from 1.1?

I have found some links, but the URLs don't seem to work anymore.
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Post by Jizumonkey »

I'm no oracle on the subject but I really think you should simply install the newest version as updating from pre 2.0 is if I remember not possible...or at least not worth it.

If you are worried about losing your database, back it up...several times, compressed and none compressed, and also from phpmyadmin (not just in the forum software) as this will give you the most options to reinstall it. Over a certain size I remember I had to telnet mine across as the naural restore function doesnt handle over a certain size!

Anyway...I'm sure you'll be OK.

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