Traceing Hacker

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Traceing Hacker

Post by martynjking » Sat Mar 05, 2005 11:41 pm

Right i really don't know if this post should be here, so apologies to moderators if its in the wrong place and please move it if its wrong.

But of a history of the last few days.

On Thursday someone managed to log onto my admin account and removed the other admin members, but left my account intact. they also posted a rather nasty post in my name.

Thinks have been rectified as to the changes this person made to the site. but i am trying to trace the IP of this user. unfortunatly the post which the person made was deleted before i had chance to look at the ip and compare against other members.

Is there anyway that i could see which IP made the post, as i know precisely what time the post was made. I have requested the SQL logs from my host but they are being pains to get hold of and i have made several requests over the last day or so.

Once a post is deleted is that it? no more record of it in the SQL database. no backup was made after the post was made and not until after it was deleted.

Also is there any mod or anyway i can use with the forum which will make a list of all members and their IP address by the side, instead of clicking on each name individually, a long and painful process.

All the logs created that i can access on our server are fairly useless as they only show IPs coming in and out daily not even hourly.

If any of this is impossible or i have posted in the wrong place sorry bout that

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Post by gr33n » Sun Mar 06, 2005 8:08 am

apache raw log helps a bit.


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