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Moving Forum

Post by marshmellowman »

I made the stupid mistake of hosting my forum here Its on aceboard and i want to use this great forum software. But all my posts are there is there some way i can transfer them here? . Thanks please respond speedily

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Post by CTCNetwork »

Hi & Welcome,

You can use phpMyAdmin to explrt your forum database and structure. or you can use the built in Backup feature you will find in the Admin CP.

Once you have backed p, you can install a new forum somewhere else and "restore your old forum posts etc. Make sure you change the settings for Domain Script & Cookies when you have imported as they will undoubtedly be different..

Hope this helps,

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Post by marshmellowman »

Frankly... It doesnt. sorry i want to put a forum from a differant host onto this one. what you told me would get this host into something else

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Post by tOnk3r »

Then do it the other way round. Back the database up from the host you dont want and restore it on the forum you want.
This would effectivly turn one forum into another. This would cause you to lose the posts on the forum and would only contain the posts from the backed up restored database.

If you want to combine two forums into one it would be a lot harder (and might not be possible).

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Post by flogger12 »

you both missed what he said, this is not a phpbb board he has, it is aceboard.

you will have to see if there is a convertor for ace to phpbb and then maybe you can keep your posts, members, etc.


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Post by dirtyx »

Well I am trying to do the same thing. I have a aceboard forum and I whant to move all the content in a phpbb forum. But I don't have a backup function in aceboard, neighter can I connect trought FTP.
Everithyng is hosted at their place.

Can it be done???
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Post by »

If there's no backup function anywhere then it doesn't really sound possible. You'd have to start it up on phpBB from scratch. Sorry :<.



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