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admin user permissions page

Post by Nothlit »


Is this how the "advanced" mode of the admin_userauth.php page is supposed to look? What's the purpose of all those empty columns?

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Post by AlieXai »

You have to change the forum permissions. First you create the forum. Then modify the permissions for each forum (in advanced mode, you can grant access to delete, edit, announce, sticky, etc to registered users, guests, or "Private"). When you change one of the attributes to private, then you can grant or deny specific groups or users access to those capabilities.

(I can take a screenshot for you if you want to see...)

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Post by theFinn »

Yes, it suppost to look like that IF you have nothing set to 'PRIVATE' in your forum permissions. As AlieXai said some 'ON/OFF' drop downs will show up when you change something to PRIVATE.
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