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Post by flogger12 »

monkeshine wrote:
sw2000 wrote:
Could you specify the log-in problem? And maybe post a link to your board?

Hi, my board is temporarily at http://monkeshine.jodoshared.com/phpbb2/index.php but I plan to move it later.

When I log in or out I get a No input file specified Error now. I've been trying to tinker the best I can, and corrected some of the other issues I had, but this one has me stumped.

As I said I made the change to the redirect script as posted on this forum, and the parse error I mentioned is resolved, but now I get the above error. I can't figure out if its a cookie settings problem, a server side problem (DB problem?), a port setting error - I've tinkered with everything I can think of and did two clean installs already.

If you try to log in and get this error, you can go back 2 pages and refresh, and you are logged in. Same method for logging out.

I CAN get into the admin panel and do other functions, just cannot get a seamless log-in or log out. What have I forgotten to do? What have I missed? What is it trying to do and what is it looking for?

Thanks in advance
Please post your settings from your administration/configuration panel.
domain name:
script path:
server port:
cookie domain:
cookie name:
cookie path:

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Post by monkeshine »

Robert (or anyone)

domain name: monkeshine.jodoshared.com
script path: /phpbb2/
server port: 80
cookie domain: (blank)
cookie name: phpbb2mysql
cookie path: / - (just a backslash)

Thanks for your assistance.
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Post by busterblader103 »

What version of php are you running? I saw another error on your site, and I'm wandering...
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Post by monkeshine »

Im running the latest version, 2.0.13 - It's the one i've downloaded from the downloads link above.

I wouldn't be surpised if there are other errors - i'm totally green learning this as I go. I have scoured the forum for this no imput file specified error but I cannot find many posts on teh subject.

But I have not yet finalized the settings I can't get past the admin panel updates. When I try to update it with SMTP and stuff and click submit, it comes back with the error (after redirecting)

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