Unicode characters

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Unicode characters

Post by selam1 »

I have just installed Phpbb and try to post some topics. These are a Unicode Ethiopic characters. My problem is "viewforum" part as you have seen from my site it cut the number character to about 22 and put a kind “ /a>” character at the end. When you click you will ge blank screen .Could any body help me?

Go to
and try this forum and the topics
Ethiopian News Headlines

Thank you in advance.

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Post by ectv »

so did anyone help you?

do you still need help?


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Post by leomohan »

ectv wrote: so did anyone help you?

do you still need help?


I am facing a similar problem. please advise. I am using UTF-8 encoding. Some subject topics are cut as mentioned above. Some usernames end with small square box.


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