Quick "if" statement, please!

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Quick "if" statement, please!

Post by sloaneys »

URL: n/a
Template(s) used: SubSilver (unmodified)
Any and all MODs: none
Do you use a port of phpBB: no
Version of phpBB: latest
Version of PHP: 4
Which database server and version: MySQL 4
Host: streamline.net
Did someone install this for you/who: n
Is this an upgrade/from what to what: n
Is this a conversion/from what to what: n
Have you searched for your problem: y
If so, what terms did you try: if statement ACP
State the nature of your problem: I want to restrict certain administrative operations from even the other top admins (eg. "Mass Email"). I don't do PHP ASP... don't hurt me! so could somebody write me a little if statement for the menu bar of the ACP which would only produce the "a href equals blah" (and thus a link) if the person is logged in as "ceepee"? I know it's bad to hardcode stuff like this in, but I just need a quick fix.
eg. "If username is ceepee, display "a href etc.", else nothing

Thanks in advance

Do you have a test account for us: n
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Post by tOnk3r »

I dont get these kinds of questions.
If you dont trust someone with admin powers then dont make them admin.
Make them a mod.

Whats the point of making someone admin then restricting thier powers so they are equal to a moderator?
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Post by thecharmed01 »

If you do want to do that, use this mod here

You might want this and this too :D
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