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Sig Images

Post by *Bubbles* »

is there not a simple way of resizin' images in sigs? one of the sigs on my forum takes up almost half a page :(
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Post by lurttinen »

Yes there is, something about remote resize...
look it in the mods page or in phpbbhacks.

One easier thing might be to ask that person to change his sig.
If he/she doesnt do what is asked.
Edit his/hers signature and take it away.

If he/she puts it back, the deactivate him/her.
And send email to let that bastard know what is not allowed.
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Post by KevC »

You could also set some sig size rules.

I think your problem though may be that your own sig on there is half a page so people will think that huge stuff like that is fine.

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