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My type.....

Post by Viskar »

OK I have 3 questions all on different subjects.

One of which I'd like to so something kind of....Hard?I'd say and it'll probably take several people to assist. I'd like to change my forums to a certain skin, which for some reason isn't letting me do the way I did the past 10 times. The one I'm using is
And it's the skin I'll be making reference to this entire time. Any suggestions on getting it to upload?I uploaded file like I always do, and everything but it's just hating I guess.
EDIT: I finally got it to accept the upload, and now it's working wonderfully.
Any suggewstions to get what I need done; done?
Part two: Once I get the skin to work what I'd like to do. is Put the dragon on the left side of the 'frame' and lower all of the words so I may put a banner on top of the page. This is simple to do(kinda) But what I'm having a problem figuring out, is when they click a link, I want the banner and the dragon (we'll refer to it as our nav bar) to remain there, as if the website were in 'frames'.
Now initially I saw this on they have the basis of what I'm asking, banner at top, nav bar on side. (I'll try to become more fancy once I get original plan done) Anyone able to assist with this? (Combined step2 and 3 so only one question.
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