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Java and PHPBB login

Post by kb05 »

Hello I am new here and I wanted to know if I could implement PHPBB into so that when the user logs into my Java app. They will not have to login again to access PHPBB. Is it possible for the two apps to use the same cookie or is it possible to send the login information via the java app to PHPBB?

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Post by fumbalah »

This might be possible, but It would require a mod. Your best bet would be to post in the MOD request forum and see if anyone's up for it

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Post by Flaming_cows »

You can give the user an autologin cookie from your Java application which will keep them logged into phpBB. You can also create a session for them in the phpBB database when they log into your Java application if you don't want to force-set the cookie for autologin (I guess a user might not want the cookie). Look iat the phpbb_sessions table to get an idea of what you need to do in the Java application.


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