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Changing Template

Post by NeoID »

This may be a kind of "tricky" question, but how can I change my template?
My site is located at,and I'm
wondering how I can "insert" my forum into the middle of the page...
I though of using a frame, but would it be possible to include the forum or
maybe style the template so it would match my site?

I've tried to just copy the tables from my site to the Overall_Header.tpl file,
but that didn't work (pictures didn't show up). I hope anybody could help
me... with this done my new design would be nearly finished...

Sorry about my english...but thanks in advance :wink:

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Post by ZoliveR »

No double-triple-quadruple topic please...

No more Team Chocolate Member. I decided to leave, it's my choice. Thanks to all for all these years.
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