Problem with my phpbb bulletin board

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Problem with my phpbb bulletin board

Post by n1pj »

I set up this bulletin board, when my members register and then try to post stuff. It shows their post but where it should say their username it says guest. When administrators of the board post things it has their user name right next to their posts. Is there some setting in the user control panel I have to change so it displays (user) user names instead of guest.

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Post by CTCNetwork »

Hi & Welcome,

I suspect that your members may have registered, but haven't logged in when they post.

You should check your forum permissions in the Admin CP -> Forum Admin -> Permissions and set the forums (each one) to REG when in simple mode.

This will mean that people will have to log in before they can post.
Then their Names will show up on their posts...

Hope this helps,

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