Mozilla doesn't like my forum.

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Mozilla doesn't like my forum.

Post by aroundtheheather »

I run a php nuke site with a phpbb forum (no mod its plain sub silver) and for some reason the forum when opened in mozilla or mozilla firefox the actual size of the forum is only about an inch wide if that.

I can't figure out how to get it to resize. Again this only happens in mozilla and firefox.

Please go look at it here. ... ame=Forums

I would love your feedback and help.

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Post by cybrid23 »

1) *Nuke is not supported here as they have radically modified the code. You need to seek support at the *Nuke supprot site.

2) A quick glance at the page source shows that there are 2 instances of

Code: Select all

<head></head> and <body></body>
Again, you need to go to the *nuke support site for this issue.....
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yo man better going to codezwiz theve help with php nuke
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